April Fool’s Day at school

Oh boy, I’m not looking forward to all of the silly jokes my kids are going to try and pull on me today but such is the life of a teacher and by the end of the day I may even have one or two good stories to tell.  Well I already have a few but they’re not mine, they’re my uncle’s.  My uncle taught school for well forever LOL ok not quite but I’m pretty sure he passed 30 years and a lot of those years were at the junior high level.  He pulled some pretty fabulous pranks on students through the years on April 1st.  Sending a student to the library to get books one of which was Gullible’s Travels, sending a student to the PE teacher to get a “girl’s left handed baton” (I think that’s what it was) and of course no such thing exists but hey.

It’s funny because I had always heard you had to be crazy to teach middle school/junior high and my uncle just confirmed that for me.  Naturally when I earned my degree and began to teach I wanted nothing to do with that age level so of course that’s exactly where I ended up, I spent 9 years teaching middle school and loved almost every minute of it.  It was a blast, the kids were so much fun at that age.  I’m back in elementary now and as I look for classroom positions to apply for next year it’s hard to decide if I’d rather end up in elementary or middle school. I love them both for different reasons.  Hmm it seems I’ve gotten way off track, not a surprise for me really but here I go off to school to see just what jokes and tricks get pulled on me and to see if I can maybe pull a few myself. 😉  Happy April Fool’s Day!


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