Reporting student progress

25) How would you choose to report progress out to children and parents? How often?

I really liked the online grade system in my last district that allowed parents and students to check in at any time.  As a parent I’m frustrated that while I can see my son’s progress report or report card at the end of the quarter I can’t see his grades in  progress while he’s in elementary school.  I believe this changes in middle school.  I think it’s always good to contact parents when you are seeing a distinct change in grades either raising or dropping.




  1. Some schools use interim reports mid-marking period. Unfortunately, this is usually reserved for students who are struggling. I worked at a school in which all students received detailed interim reports no matter their grades were at the time. I thought this was a great policy, but it was only feasible because of the small number of students in each class. Offering such feedback during the marking period can be prohibitive for teachers who teach 150 students per day.

    Online systems do a splendid job of addressing this. Programs such as PowerSchool are used in many districts and charters. The best programs show performance per assignment. One drawback is they usually force assignments to be measured by a percentage, but this can be dealt with creatively.

    Interestingly, special education law make progress reporting customizable within IEPs. As IEP team members, parents can petition for weekly or even daily reports. If the team agrees and the proposed schedule is in the document, it has to happen.

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