STEAM in my teaching

28) How do you incorporate STEAM into your teaching?

I teach technology my class is pretty much the T all of the time for me the challenge has been to incorporate or point out where the S-EAM exist in my lessons.  It’s been a struggle really to try and come up with ways I can tie it all in with what I’m supposed to teach: keyboarding, computer safety, code.  On the other hand as I started to think about novels I used in class when I taught middle school I could come up with more ideas.  Art always seemed to be easy to combine into com arts.   My students could complete a variety of book projects from making a board game, to drawing movie posters, or determining a soundtrack for the book.  Science might depend on the book, there is an easy connection in Number the Stars when they discuss how they hid the Jewish people from the German soldiers on the fishing boats.  I could see how you could tie engineering/architecture into stories about the hidden Jews as well.  Thinking about this makes me want a job teaching CA again so that I could start to do some more STEAM oriented lessons.  In the meantime I’ll just keep brainstorming to see what I can do to add S-EAM into my technology lessons.


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