still more teacher funnies

yep more teacher based someecards, gotta love these 🙂

I wish this would be true, I have at least 22 classroom oriented boards and have been sorting my pins into even more specific boards since Pinterest added the move pins feature.

pinning as PD

silly but true, of course then the feeling changes when you realize you have to cut out all of that stuff you just laminated 😉

laminating funny

ROFL all parents need to be told this when they enroll their kids in kindergarten, or send them to Sunday school for the first time.  I remember my mom telling me that when I was little the Sunday school teacher had asked us how we help out at home and I apparently said I helped out by watching my baby sister while my parents took a shower together.  Yeah I had a big mouth as a kid, hasn’t changed totally but I do try to think before I speak now LOL

know what you did


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