been MIA

I haven’t posted here in a few months, end of the school year hit and I had to pack up all of my stuff as my class is moving down the hall to another room.  The first two weeks of summer we were getting ready for our first family out of state vacation, then it was a week of vacation.  This past week kiddo and I have been spending lots of time with my mom, aunt, and my niece who is visiting for a while.

Along with that I’ve been working on narrowing down specific grade level essential learning objectives for my class, planning a new classroom theme, starting on more complete lesson plans, and doing  a book study on Teach Like a Pirate online with several of my fellow teachers from my building.  I’m LOVING this book study, this is one of those books that has me totally re-energized and excited.  I have a list of ways to make my lessons more engaging and can’t wait to start planning those lessons.  I’m going to be sharing my thoughts from my book study on here as well as in our private discussion.

I have also been applying for classroom teaching positions bc as much as I love my job, my kids, and my school, my bank account doesn’t and neither does my retirement account.  I’ve talked with hubby and if we could afford it I’d stay in my current position no matter the pay but as I’m making 1/4 of what I would in a contracted position it’s really just best for us if I can get a contract.  However bc I do LOVE my job, my kids, and my school I have become much more selective in the jobs I apply for.  If I don’t get a contract I’ll stay where I am and we’ll cut corners if we have too, bc honestly I’d rather be happy to go to work every day and get peanuts than get paid a lot and not love my job.