TLAP #2: Professional Passion

“Here is the key:  On all of those days when you don’t have passion for your content, you must consciously make the decision to focus on your professional passion.”  (Burgess p.6)

“I can absolutely be inspired and fully engaged in my attempt to present the topic in an entertaining way.  I can be passionate about providing an opportunity for my students to develop and exercise their creative talents and abilities.” (Burgess p.8)

DISCUSSION QUESTION #2:  What is it about being an educator that drives you?  What ignites the fire in you?

What drives me is the excitement in the children’s faces when they come in the door, the times they tell me about working at home one something we’ve been doing in class, those moments when I can’t get across the room to help a student and two or three others jump up to help.  I love seeing them internalize so well what they’re learning that they can teach/coach each other.  The hugs every day especially those that came from the second graders sad that they won’t see me in class next year, the excitement of the third graders that will be taking IT.  

When a former student finds me on Facebook and requests that I be their friend I smile, I love seeing books I had them read in class in their favorite books list, it’s the moment when one of those kiddos says “I never liked reading until you made me read (usually The Giver or The Outsiders)”  

It’s the connections I’ve made with students over the years that they care enough to send me wedding and baby shower invites.  

It’s the time I had another teacher tell me she was talking to one of the seniors in our district and he told her “Mrs. Davis is the reason I made it through middle school.” Still makes me cry.  

It’s the starfish poem I was given with the pin the first year I taught here in Rockwood ages ago, still have the poem and it goes on my classroom wall every year though I need a new pin, that idea of making a difference to just one child drives me to do my best every single day.


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