TLAP #3: Personal Passion

“To keep your passion for teaching alive, find as many ways as possible to incorporate your personal passion into your work.” (Burgess p.9)

“Bringing your personal passion to the classroom empowers you to create a more powerful lesson because you are teaching from an area of strength.” (Burgess p.9)

DISCUSSION QUESTION #3:  Completely outside of your profession, what are you passionate about?

My hubby and kiddo are the biggest part of my life, the time we spend together is immeasurable, taking Trev on his first trip to the beach this past week was so incredible.  My extended family, moving home to StL to be near everyone was so important to us, I have a close family as does hubby and I’m blessed to have wonderful ILs who not only do I get along with but so do my parents.  My best friends that have been my BFFs for 25 years and their kiddos, I have so many related and “adopted” nieces and nephews to spoil.  If you’ve peeked into my classroom you know I’m passionate about my crocheting lol, reading is my main activity in the summer as I just don’t have much time for it during the school year and when I find the inspiration writing poems and stories, singing in the choir at church is a cornerstone of my spiritual life.


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