TLAP #6: Enthusiasm

If you’re not enthusiastic about your lesson, how can you expect your students to be?

“If you apply nothing else from this book, but you consistently ramp up your enthusiasm level in the classroom, you will be far ahead of the game and a dramatically better teacher.” (Burgess p.65)

Burgess goes on to say that he would rather hire an enthusiastic teacher than a brilliant but teaching who is just ‘punching the clock’.

“An enthusiastic teacher can learn technique, method, and strategy, but it is almost impossible to light a fire inside the charred heart of a burned-out teacher.” (Burgess p.66)

  • What do you do to keep your enthusiasm alive each day?

Enthusiasm for me comes back to a book study I did years ago the FISH Philosohpy; particularly the first key idea: Choose Your Attitude.  There are days that for whatever reason I just don’t feel “it” and I have to stop and remind myself to choose to be excited, enthusiastic, fun, happy.  The kids excitement is also a big boost to my enthusiasm on days I’m feeling down or blah, their smiles, their hugs that helps me find my enthusiasm again.  Trying to plan lessons that I would enjoy is also a way I try to keep my enthusiasm alive.




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