Hour of Code 2

So I had way too many pics to share last post, time to share some more.

Fifth graders creating programming board games, inspired by Robot Turtles for the younger grades to play

20151207_142722 20151207_143511 20151207_142752 20151207_142741

More fifth grade – presenters from Monsanto IT that spoke about IT careers and then helped the kids with their HoC activity

20151210_135019 20151210_140440 20151210_140429 20151210_135341

Minecraft HoC from code.org

20151210_130226 20151210_130136 20151210_130216 20151210_125102 20151210_125113

Other Hour of Code activities from code.org done with buddy classes

20151210_150057 20151210_150112 20151211_093543 20151211_093459 20151211_092259 20151211_095909

One last set of pics, we have a student at our school who is blind and I wanted that student to be able to participate in HoC as well, this was my quick solution

20151211_100513 20151211_100313 20151211_100258


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