Mats for Bots take 2

So this is what I meant to post on my last try at posting about the bot mats. I made my own and here’s what I have so far. I started by cutting construction paper into 15 cm squares, then taping them together into larger mats.




I have some plain ones the kids can use dry erase and draw their own maps on.


three different alphabet mats, one in order two mixed up, we’ve used these so far to create secret messages and to work on “teaching” BeeBot to spell color words

20160108_132014 20160108_132002

numbers 1-25, this one you can see we were planning how to program the bot to cross all 25 squares using as many moves as possible


I also made coin mats, kindy has used these to pick up certain coin combinations, older kiddos pick a flashcard with an amount of money $.01 – $.099 and they have to program BeeBot to “pick up” the right coins to make that total amount



Now I’m working on fraction mats but that’s taking a bit longer. The kids love using the various mats.


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