Blogging again, I hope

So I’m back to teaching full time. Back to middle school, and back to my first love English. I thought when I got the job that maybe just maybe I’d be able to get back to blogging as well. Yeah not so much. I’d forgotten just how much work comes with a full time teaching job. Though I’m enjoying it, the grading can be overwhelming at times, and the return to full lesson plans, and I mean full lesson plans in the UbD format, which is new to me anyway, has also been a bit overwhelming, nay majorly stressful but here we are almost to the end of the first quarter and I’m feeling settled in. Oh boy was that a run-on sentence, probably better if my students don’t see that 😉

I enjoyed my last three years teaching elementary technology, though not the pay. I’d forgotten just how much fun eighth graders can be however. Crazy as they are, sometimes lazy as they are, I’m loving my job and my kids.

Tomorrow I will be beginning a book study on the roots of my blog, the 15 Fixes for Broken Grades. I think it will be interesting to see just how far I’ve come in my thoughts, especially since I am no instituting most of those fixes. All but that only grade on assessments one, I just can’t commit to that yet.

So here’s to hopefully getting back in the blogging habit.


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