Please oh please, before you submit your grades at 3 o’clock, so my score will be better and when my parents come for conferences or look my grades up online they won’t be so mad at me. Please oh please!!!

Here’s the assignment I was missing.

I have three done, here they are can you get them graded on time?

When do you have to submit grades again?

Can I bring it to you after school?

Teacher’s reminder to post your grades by 3 o’clock.

Ugh gotta get this graded.

Double check, did I miss anyone’s scores? Did I get them all entered correctly?

Wait here’s another assignment, where did that come from?


Ok, I’m pretty sure I’m done, just one last double check.

Sigh, finally, now to relax for a day until conferences. EEK

Written for The Daily Post Prompt: Urgent


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