Youth Writing Festival

When I lived in Columbia, Missouri and taught at a small school my fellow English teacher introduced me to the Missouri Writer’s Project writer’s festival at Mizzou. We took students who then participated in three different little writing workshops.

So about a month ago when my fellow English teacher here told me there was a Gateway Writer’s Program that hosted a Youth Writing Festival here at UMSL and asked if I’d like to go and take students I jumped at the chance.

Even better this festival was for grade 3-8 so I was able to get permission to take my kiddo with me.

Off we went, students, fellow teacher and his younger child, as well as my kiddo. Up to UMSL where my kiddo joked it was his first day of college. Students were greeted and given name tags that included their schedule for the day, much like when I went with students to Mizzou, kids were given choices of sessions to attend when they registered.

They could go to a session on art and writing, political/persuasive writing, free verse poetry, character boot camp,

Students also received a notebook and pen, a snack, and water bottle in a bag.

Kiddo LOVED it, he took notes every session (if only he worked that hard in his actual classes LOL).


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