Blind Date books

When kiddo went with me to the GWP youth writing festival we were done before the end of the school day. I had a sub so no need to return so kiddo and I took the time to do something he’d been wanting to do. We went to the St. Louis County library headquarters location so he could do the Star Wars scavenger hunt and get the pin.

While we were there he spotted the Blind Date books. I’ve seen the idea before but it was my child getting really excited that made me think of it again. So when I got back to school the next week I went through my library and pulled out a few books, then got out some paper, tape, and markers and went to work.

Here’s the final result, note my descriptions aren’t the best but I’m working on it:


Immediately I had students asking what the display was all about. The student I mentioned in my post on responsibility was one of the first. Said student got really excited about one of the descriptions and checked out the book, then shared it with a friend who will be going to the school library to see if they have a copy so the two friends can read it together. I love it when things like this work.

Close-ups of the books:

Undercurrents by Willo Davis Roberts


Shadow Spinner, that I wrote about for my friend Amy’s blog What Will She Read Next?


Death Be Not Proud:



DaVinci Code (I teach eighth graders after all)



Little Women



A Break With Charity:



I have no idea, I just picked this book up at the dollar store but it looked like a great YA read, and I thought it was perfect for this time of year.


I’d love suggestions for other books to put up along with some descriptions as mine clearly need a little work.


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