My Classroom Library

It grows frequently, I add books as often as I can. My classroom was once upon a time an art room so I have LOTS of cabinets but not so many bookshelves, that’s ok the cabinets work. I just keep the doors open, someday maybe I’ll get approval to take the doors off, in the meantime I’ll just keep them open, it works. Funny thing is a temp custodian closed all of the cabinets the other day, my students commented the next morning that my room looked empty, that was when I realized the cabinet doors were all shut.

Most of the books in my library came from my last classroom library thought much pared down. I weeded out books I kept for my own sentimental sake, I also weeded out the third, fourth, and fifth copies I had of books. Over time my library dropped from around 1000 books to around 250. That’s ok though I’m building back up. First my fellow English teacher and I went through a list we were given and ordered several novels to add to our classroom libraries, I also spent a lot of time driving to all the local thrift stores picking up books for anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar. Then came the dollar store trips, and a trip to the book fair at my kiddo’s school where I scouted out and purchased several of the sale books. If I keep adding I might just have to figure out something else to do with the books as I’m running out of room.

Here are some pics, you can see I use the cabinets, counters, and the one bookshelf I have:


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