Laziness and excuses UGH UGH UGH

A follow up of sorts to my post on apathy. I’m not sure if it’s an age thing, a generational thing, or if this has always been an issue, my career in education has spanned 18 years but that doesn’t mean trends don’t carry further back or maybe aren’t really trends at all. None of that made sense did it?

Laziness…it amazes me that I can provide class work time so that my students can get their work done at school where I am here to help them and so they don’t have so much homework to do when they have so many other after school commitments and so little gets done during class. Or maybe it gets done to the bare minimum that is necessary, one word answers, one sentence if they can get away with it. The students know by now I’m going to hand the work back and make them redo it or give it the poor grade it deserves but there we’re back to apathy, so many of them seem to not care about grades.

Excuses…oh so many excuses. Students had a week in class to work on their Insight project. That is they had five days to complete in class, no other assignments in my class for those five days, all they had to do was work on their project. So many not done. Then after two weeks, nearing the end of presentations there were still students not finished. I had a parent e-mail to tell me their child wasn’t done they had internet issues at their house. I understand that but you child has had two weeks to work on this project, they will still present today. Fortunately the parent was understanding, and by the time the student got to my class the project was complete. Now what work for other classes did that student not complete because they were working on the project for my class.

I understand busy lives. I understand electricity going out. I understand forgetting to charge or forgetting the charger. I understand life has unforeseen challenges and moments. I don’t understand how you can’t use the time given in class.

I monitor students while they work. I moved them to make sure they were in a good work space. I help as much as I can. And yet… sigh.

Maybe I shouldn’t let it get to me, but I do. It’s just so frustrating.



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