When parents don’t care

What oh what is a teacher to do when parents don’t care?

I do have some wonderful parents that keep close track of their students grades and contact me when they see missing assignments to be sure we are on the same page thankfully. Then there are the parents that talk a good game when they come for conferences or when I contact them but no change happens in their students. I do understand that sometimes they’re doing all they can and it’s their student that is just refusing to change.

Then there are the parents who don’t care, they only send their kids to school because it’s required. They back the kids on everything always against the school. If the child fails a class they either blame the teacher or tell the kid “I know you tried your best.”

How do I reach those students? How do I get them to care about their own education when their own parents don’t?

I can tell you what I try though it doesn’t always work. I point out when students do well on a particular assignment or project asking how they feel about it are they proud of themselves. I try to connect what we do to real life. I make every effort to keep the work from interfering with their multitude of responsibilities outside of work. I try to provide them with reading or writing assignments that appeal to their interests or to the world around them. I just keep trying. I try to show the student how much I care. It is wearing. It does leave me exhausted come some, ok most Fridays but every weekend I try to recharge. I take time to think about students I’m struggling most to reach and figure out how I can do that. How can I get them to care whether their parents do or not.


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