The Outsiders

One of my fave YA books, heck one of my all time fave books period!

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9780142407332_p0_v2_s260x420The Outsiders is by far one of my all time favorite books to read with students, note I didn’t say teach, this is a discussion book.  One of the first things I tell my students is a bit about the author S.E. Hinton.  She was 15 when began she writing this book, it was semi-biographical based on the groups/cliques of her hometown.  She says she got the letter that it was going to be published on the day of her high school graduation, she was 18.  I love to point out her age it’s a great example of you can do and achieve anything you want and age does not necessarily make a difference.

Ponyboy Curtis, the main character and narrator, grew up in the wrong side of the tracks in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He’s a Greaser, so named for the hair grease they use.  Most everyone in his neighborhood is…

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Summer Reading Programs

Summer reading programs are everywhere, here are some details on the library ones in my area and in my friend Amy’s as well. Check out the ones in your area.

What Will She Read Next?

I think almost every library in the country does a summer reading program, I remember participating in the one here in St Louis when I was a kid.  As soon as my son was old enough for the one where we lived at the time I signed him up.  He has been doing it every year since then.

Our library actually has four programs for summer reading.  To encourage parents to expose kids to reading early there is a Babies reading club for ages 0-2 that tracks books you read to your child as well as summer reading events at the library that you attend.  There are prizes of age appropriate toys and board books.

The Kids reading club is perhaps the biggest and most participate in it is for kids 3 to entering fifth grade (eek my kiddo only has one more year for this program after this year…

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Band of Brothers

My review of Band of Brothers and the books by and about the men of Easy Company for What Will She Read Next? Would be great books to add to a high school and possibly middle school classroom library!!

What Will She Read Next?

9780743224543_p0_v2_s260x420To commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day on this humble little blog, we wanted to share some of our favorite books about WWII.  We first forayed into this historical genre by picking up Band of Brothers.  So I first encountered Band of Brothers through the mini-series.  A friend brought it over for us to watch together.  His brother was at that time serving in Iraq, I believe as a member of the 101st Airborne Division (the division that Easy Company 506th PIR was a part of during WWII).  He and the guys there had watched BoB and he recommended it to his brother.

I’ll be honest when he first brought it over I was less than thrilled; I’ve never been into war movies.  There was just something about the storytelling of BoB though that I got hooked, so much so that my husband bought me the DVD collection for…

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YA Free Verse

My review of YA free verse books for What Will She Read Next? Unfortunately I forgot Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff, another excellent free verse book that I just discovered has two sequels. I’ll be checking them out and you should too.

What Will She Read Next?

9781442471818_p0_v3_s260x420 In recognition of National Poetry Month I wanted to share with you some examples of what seems to have become a big trend in young adult novels: free verse.  There may have been a few written over the years but in the past decade there seems to have been almost an explosion of books in this area.

The first I ever came across was Crank by Ellen Hopkins.  This book can seem overwhelming when you first pick it as will most of Hopkins’s books due to the sheer number of pages, don’t let this fool you though as the book is written in free verse it moves very quickly.  Crank is loosely based on Hopkins’s own daughter’s addiction to meth.  The fast flowing free verse style pulls you into the story.  I can’t tell you how many students came to me after reading it wanting to know what happened…

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My review of Towering by Alex Flinn for What Will She Read Next?

What Will She Read Next?

9780062113917_p0_v1_s260x420 Alex Flinn is becoming known for her modernized versions of classic fairy tales.   Beastly was so popular it became a movie, which while it had some pretty big changes from the book stuck so well to the spirit and message of the book that I really enjoyed it.  It didn’t hurt that one of my favorite actors Neil Patrick Harris is in the movie.  I’ve read Beastly , Kiss in Time , and Cloaked and enjoyed each of them so I was really excited when I found Towering on display at the library.

I brought it home and began to read.  At the start it is a good book, told by Rachel (Rapunzel) and Will.  Rachel is living in her tower her “Mama” having brought her there years ago to keep her safe from the “one who killed her mother”.  Rachel lives alone in the tower with Mama…

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Failure is Not an Option

Review of a wonderful book I wrote for What Will She Read Next? This is a book I plan to not only buy for myself but if I happen to end up with a middle school classroom again it will go in my classroom library. I can’t suggest it enough if you have even the slightest interest in space and NASA

What Will She Read Next?

9781439148815_p0_v2_s260x420 We’ve been going through a mini space-obsession.  In the past two weeks we’ve reviewed The Astronauts Wives Club  and  Memories of the Future which is all about Star Trek, but I think it counts!  Today we want to share  Failure is Not an Option .

OMG ok this book is just…wow!  So I’d been struggling to find a book that could keep my attention.  I’d started a few that I knew I’d enjoy but just couldn’t stay committed to them.  I was in a blah reading mode.  Then one night scrolling through Netflix I came across a Discovery Channel mini series: When We Left Earth.  This six part series takes you from the Mercury flights to near the end of the shuttle era.  I was inspired to put the movie Apollo 13 on hold to see again, as my library search was on Apollo 13 this book came…

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New Non-fiction Friday

My review of The Astronaut Wives Club for What Will She Read Next? An excellent book with some great looks at the lives of the astronauts, their wives and families, as well as a peek behind the scenes of NASA in the early days.

What Will She Read Next?

9781455503247_p0_v3_s260x420In my recent space obsession (my husband’s words not mine LOL) I checked out The Astronaut Wive’s Club from the library.  We had just rewatched Apollo 13 and as I watched I was more caught up this time in the story of Marilyn Lovell.  I just couldn’t imagine what she was going through.  It’s hard enough to imagine watching your husband launched into space the first time, much less the fourth and then for something to go wrong.  Not knowing if you would ever see your husband again…words elude me.  So I was thrilled to find this book.

First we meet the original Mercury Seven wives.  They are a varied bunch, some with very strong opinions and yet in time as their husbands begin to actually make the trip to space they connect.  Next are the New Nine, then the Fourteen, and the “Original Nineteen”.  These women are some of the…

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