Cakeway to the West Day 18

On another of my Mom’s days off this summer she and I took kiddo on the Anheuser Busch tour.  Yep we’re good St. Louisans and we take the tour at least once a year, always interesting to see how they change the tours and I never get tired of seeing the Clydesdales, and the architecture.  Kiddo asks to go on the tour now, lol.  The cake features the Clydesdales hitch.

IMG_7857 IMG_7856

IMG_7855 IMG_7854


Cakeway to the West day 17, a revisit to day 6

So kiddo and I actually went to the Museum of Transportation finally this summer with my mom on one of her days off.  When we got there we found the cake looked a bit different before you know back on day 6 when it looked like this:

IMG_7211 IMG_7213 IMG_7212

I had noticed the sketching from a distance and thought that someone had written on the cake, then got in close and realized it was actual sketches.  I wondered if they were going to stay sketches or get colored in.  Well now we know:

IMG_7832 IMG_7837 IMG_7836 IMG_7835 IMG_7834 IMG_7833

There is a whole lot more going on on this cake now than just a few months ago and I love it! I think every method of transportation portrayed on the cake is at the Museum and I absolutely love the Yellow Brick Road coming out of the road on the top of the cake.

Cakeway to the West day 16

It seems I’ve gotten behind in posting the cakes we’ve visited.  Over the summer kiddo, hubby and I headed to Missouri Botanical Garden.  I had been previously but neither my husband nor my son had so off we went. Wednesdays and Saturdays before noon St. Louis City and County residents get in free.  The cake for the Garden is right out front and beautiful as is the Garden itself.

IMG_7716 IMG_7715

IMG_7714 IMG_7713

This 79 acres of gardens makes it so easy to forget that you’re in the middle of a city.  There are gardens of all varieties.  We walked around for a few hours and still didn’t see everything.  We will definitely be going back.  Here are just a few of the pictures I took while we walked around.  There is some amazing glass art and other sculptures throughout the park as well as several historical buildings.  And of course there’s the Climatron.  All in all a great way to spend a day!

IMG_7733 IMG_7786 IMG_7777 IMG_7764 IMG_7742 IMG_7738 IMG_7735

Cakeway to the West day 15

Thurs of tourist week with kiddo, niece, aunt, and cousin.  Mom and other aunt joined us and off we headed to Purina Farms to see all the animals: cows, horses, rabbits, dogs, kitties, my aunt’s favorite the piggies.  We petted baby pigs, a rabbit, and some chickens strangely enough.  We enjoyed the dog show, kiddo has since been trying to get my sister’s dog who is staying with us while they go on vacay to do some agility stuff.  Hmm might be time to get him his own dog and get them enrolled in an agility class together.  The cake here was no surprise and it is adorable.

IMG_7623 IMG_7624

IMG_7625 IMG_7626

Cakeway to the West day 14

Hubby had  a big birthday this summer, 40, so he took the day off and we took kiddo to Six Flags for the first time ever.  He’s finally tall enough to ride almost all of the rides.  We were excited to see the cake there but I was bewildered when we did because it seems to have nothing to do with it’s location.  It looks more like a cake that belongs at the zoo than the one that is at Six Flags St. Louis, which will always and forever in my head be Six Flags over MidAmerica.

IMG_7617 IMG_7618 IMG_7619

Cakeway to the West Day 12

So recently I was hanging out with my best friends for a girls’ night.  We talked a bit about the StL250 birthday cakes, I pulled up the list of cakes and discovered that there were two new installations very near to where we live.  So kiddo and I headed out to see them.  The first is at Babler State Park, we camped there just last fall, it’s a beautiful place.  The bottom of the cake lists many of the things you can do in the park the top shows them in the hiker, biker, tent, and horse with rider.

IMG_7565 IMG_7566 IMG_7567 IMG_7568 IMG_7569

There is another state park not far from us as well.  We have often gone walking the trail along the Meramec River, we’ve seen races there as well.  Castlewood State Park is a hidden gem in the middle of suburbia.

IMG_7571 IMG_7572 IMG_7573 IMG_7574 IMG_7575