Please oh please, before you submit your grades at 3 o’clock, so my score will be better and when my parents come for conferences or look my grades up online they won’t be so mad at me. Please oh please!!!

Here’s the assignment I was missing.

I have three done, here they are can you get them graded on time?

When do you have to submit grades again?

Can I bring it to you after school?

Teacher’s reminder to post your grades by 3 o’clock.

Ugh gotta get this graded.

Double check, did I miss anyone’s scores? Did I get them all entered correctly?

Wait here’s another assignment, where did that come from?


Ok, I’m pretty sure I’m done, just one last double check.

Sigh, finally, now to relax for a day until conferences. EEK

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Sometimes my eyes are just a little more green than usual

I think they thing I get most jealous about when it comes to work is when other classroom assistants around me get interviews and jobs while I don’t even get the interviews.  It’s hard because I want to be happy for them but it’s so frustrating to apply and apply and apply and get no response.  I know that there are hundreds of applicants for every teaching position posted but I still find myself wondering “What’s wrong with me? Why am I not getting calls?  When is it my turn?”

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my current job and I do teach but it’s just not the same thing.  Yes I have less responsibility but I miss that.  I also miss the connection you make when you see your students every day.  Even teaching middle school where I had around 100 kids I saw it felt like I connected with my students better than now when I see around 300 a week.  I’m still struggling to remember all of their names even, I might have them all by the end of the school year.

All I can do is just keep trying, keep applying and wait for my time to come.

Written for the DP Daily Prompt: Green Eyed Lady

Through my back door

My classroom

no windows does it have

but two doors instead

the front into the hallway

a normal


boring place

the back though

it leads

to a most wondrous spot

open the door and see

books everywhere

stacked on shelves so neatly

all colors


and types

secret places

you can find

to curl up with your choice

it’s quiet

murmurs and whispers only

if there’s a better place

for a door to open into

I know it not


Written for DP Daily Prompt Lookin’ Out My Back Door and NaPoWriMo


Blossoming to Science

I came across this video from Nova Science Now on youtube yesterday quite by accident and then today’s DP is about the subject you struggled with in school.  Hmmm coincidence???  So Blossoming to Science is one of the Secrets Lives of Scientists videos that appear at the end of Nova Science Now episodes.  It spoke to me as what she says at the beginning is so me “As a kid I was fascinated with the concepts of science but never felt I was cut out for it.  I thought of science as hard and I assumed there was something about me that wasn’t made for it.”  Umm Mayim couldn’t have described how I felt about science as a kid any better.

When asked I’ve always said science was my worst class, well other than trigonometry seriously I took it in three different classes and NEVER got it I’m tempted to try again to learn it.  Anyway back to science, the first year I was required to do a science experiment for the big school science fair I chose to do a model and what did I do a model of, the constellations.  It was a round map that actually spun so you could see what constellations you would see in the sky at different times of year.  I was so proud of that thing and I even got a ribbon for it, what place I couldn’t tell you anymore but I think it was third, I recall a white ribbon.  At least one other year I got an honorable mention for my project, it might have gotten better but when they set it up for me (we couldn’t set up our own) my report got separated from the display and the report got the HM.  UGH!

So it’s not that science was as hard for me as I thought it was, it just was harder for me compared to other subjects.  I was one of those good grade kids.  I’m not gifted, I didn’t sail through school getting As without ever studying but school also wasn’t overall hard for me.  I did my work and got good grades.  When I didn’t do my work, um chemistry, I didn’t get good grades.  I’m not sure where along the way I decided science was too hard for me. My mother is an RN she was the one I went to for science help so it wasn’t like I thought science was too hard for girls/women.

I’m still fascinated by space.  Lately I’ve been reading book after book about the space program and there are some excellent ones out there written by astronauts, Gene Kranz former NASA flight director (I can not recommend his book Failure is Not an Option enough, it was awesome!), and now I’m reading one by Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  As I’ve been reading I realized I understand so much more about what is being said than I thought I would.

Science has become a family thing.  My husband is a veterinarian so naturally science is something he’s interested in, our son’s favorite TV show is Mythbusters, every Sunday night now we sit down to watch Cosmos.  I wish someone had encouraged me along the way, made science interesting to me the way Mayim’s tutor did for her on set.

I’m taking away from this that I need to really be aware of what my students struggle with and encourage them.  If they struggle even though they have an interest in the subject maybe something more is going on, maybe they just need a little push but whatever it is I’m keeping my eye out for it.

In the meantime I’m going to keep studying science on my own, and maybe someday I’ll give trig another try, not because I need it but because I just want to understand it. lol

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Revisiting myself

If I could go back in time to revisit any one moment in my past which would I choose?  That’s not easy to decide personally maybe when we were planning our wedding so I could tell myself to choose a different minister or maybe to the night I had my son so I could tell myself not to agree to the pitocin that led to the emergency c-section.

Professionally that’s even harder.  The first thing that comes to mind was when I was student teaching and totally screwed up the math lesson but I learned from that experience.  Maybe the day I started my Master’s classes to tell myself to stay in the Curriculum and Instruction program rather than the Administration program except again I learned a lot and met some great people in the admin program.

The more I think about it the more I realize I think there may not be anything I’d change because everything I’ve done so far has made me who I am.  There are things I regret, mistakes I’ve made but they are a part of me.

I read a book several years ago (and I’m totally blanking on the title) about three women who had come to a crossroads point in their lives, they had met on their shared birthday years ago and agreed to meet up at this point.  They come across a very strange woman who gives them the option to relive two weeks of their lives at the end they can choose to keep the changes and remember their old life, keep the changes and forget their old life, or keep their old life and remember what the changed time was.  As a mom I was not surprised at all that the one mother of the trio asked to keep her old life but remember what had changed on those two weeks.  I simply can not imagine my life without my son so I wouldn’t make any change that might effect that part of my life.

Ah I just had a moment of clarity, there is a change I would make professionally.  I would go back to the one year I taught fifth grade and using what I know now I think I could have a much better year.  That was by far my toughest year of teaching.  I struggled and just felt really uncertain, my classroom management skills really well sucked if I’m being totally honest.  I think I could go back and redo that year and make it a much more positive experience for myself and my students.  The only thing is I wouldn’t want to change the years of my career that followed.

Well this has been an interesting look back.

Written for the DP Daily Prompt If I could turn back time

Wait you mean you came to class unprepared again???

It really feels like I have spent more money on pencils for my classroom than anything else including books and my classroom library was at one point around 1500 books (thrift stores, library book sales, and book club points help keep the cost down).

My biggest classroom pet peeve is kids not coming to class with a pencil.  Now this isn’t a problem for me currently as I am a specials “teacher” so the kids leave their supplies in their classes and I have supplies for them but the years I have spent as a com arts teacher…UGH!

I have seen so many different ways of keeping the kids from borrowing my pencils, some I’ve gotten from other teachers: trade a shoe for a pencil, trade your wallet for a pencil (this one made me incredibly nervous I only did it once or twice), trade something else you have with you for a pencil.  At one point I took an idea from a store that had taped flowers to the tops of their pens but to allow students to still use the eraser I ran ribbon through a button and then that to the top of the pencil.  The button clearly marked the pencil as mine but the tapping noise it made when it hit the pencil, often on purpose, began to get rather annoying for everyone in the class.  Then I started finding buttons on ribbons on the floor.  I never was able to catch kids doing it but they were taking the buttons off and stealing my pencils.  For a while I stopped lending out pencils at all if you didn’t bring one sorry guess you’ll have to borrow from someone else.  Then kids weren’t getting work done, UGH so I went back to the “trade me something” method.  To date I never came up with a really good solution so if anyone has one please share!!!

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I love my job and my career!

Scrolling through daily prompts I came across this one that I missed at the start of last week and knew I had to rectify the mistake of missing it the first time out.

While I don’t spring out of my bed in the  morning thrilled to go to work, sorry I’m not a morning person I much prefer staying up later, I do love my job.

I detail why I chose my profession on the Why I became a teacher page of my blog but as for my current job well… while I’m not a classroom teacher I do teach classes and have my own room, yep figure that one out lol.  The smallest things can excite me when working with kids.  On Friday I had a student who struggles some remember that I had taught them previously the ctrl – s shortcut to save I nearly cheered.  The random hugs, the messages from former students to fill me in on their lives or just say they miss me (I moved away from where I used to teach) make me smile.

Yes there are frustrations ask any teacher and they can enumerate them for you but for me it’s the light going on in a child’s eyes when something makes sense, it’s the smile you get just for being there, it’s the rare thanks you get for something you said or did.  I have been incredibly fortunate to have students actually tell me thank you for being there for them, for “making” them read, for believing in them.  I can’t imagine any other way to be as a teacher and I can’t imagine any other better career in the world.

I’m in my fourth year of seeking a classroom position and it can be frustrating but I know I wouldn’t trade my career for any other, I quite simply can’t imagine every doing anything else at least nothing outside of the education field.  I’ve looked for possible education related jobs at the zoo or science center something that would still allow me to teach and work with kids but even when it’s been suggested I try to find a different job I just can’t do it.

I’m one of the fortunate ones that found my calling early, as in before college, and I thank God for that regularly.

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