My Exit Ticket board

Just finished this, put it up, and started using it.  I found this idea on Pinterest and really liked it.  There are lots of different exit ticket boards out there, often a parking lot, but this one seemed absolutely perfect for a technology class.


The post-its are not still on the door btw, they just wouldn’t stick.  Oh well, probably better this way.  I need to stock up and put a pad in each supply box, there is a 1:2 supply box to computers/student ratio in my room. For a start I simply had the kids write down something they’ve learned so far this school year.  Next time we use it it will be to answer a specific question or something they learned that day/week.

IMG_7976 IMG_7977

Really excited about using this but definitely need to buy lots of post-its, or somehow make my own that are laminated and the kids could use dry erase or transparency markers.  Hmm something to think about and work on.


My Inspiration Wall

So in my classroom posts I showed this picture of my inspiration wall behind my desk:


Many of these posters are ones that I’ve made of famous quotes or poems.  There’s Haim Ginott’s frightening conclusion, Lilian Katz’s caring about everyone’s children, Only a Teacher, I Am a Teacher, What Teachers Make, What You Focus On, The Starfish Pin, and 100 years from now.  Hmm two of those I haven’t posted about previously, guess I need to do that.  There is also a page of random quotes.

This wall also contains notes and other things I’ve gotten from students.  I love to look over and see these and they love that I put them on the wall.

IMG_7966[1] IMG_7967[1] IMG_7968[1] IMG_7969[1]

Along with these notes, I have one a student wrote on a post-it and stuck it inside my general plans noteboook.  I’ve left it there, it always makes me smile when I see it.


I really think every teacher should have an inspiration wall or board or something somewhere in their room.  It can be refreshing to take just a minute or two to look those things over, especially all those great notes and pics from students.

Pinterest boards day 1

Today I thought I’d start with some boards that are all about classroom structure.  Every teacher starts the year writing plans and decorating the room, often decorating takes precedence in those first few days back as we want our classrooms to be ready for the kids to walk through the door.

First here is my Classroom: Decor and Bulletin Board board.  This board came about almost by accident as I saw boards posted by other teachers.  I haven’t really spent much time looking for boards as I don’t have many boards and the few I have rarely change, well the ones that aren’t student work oriented that is.  Some of the pins are fully made bulletin boards, others are quotes that I’d love to put up on the wall, still others are just decor, and there are those that are decor yet also sneakily a way to help manage the classroom.

I also have a Classroom – Organization board.  In this board I have pins of various lesson plan styles and numerous ways to organize student work, student binders, books, lesson plan binder, sub plans, and more.  I have used some of the lesson plan ideas trying to find a way to create one that is easy for me to use to write unit plans.  After seeing the pin about floor tape changing your life in the classroom I’m ready to order some, I’ve been using painter’s tape but it just comes right up when the kids slide their feet rather than picking them up.

Something else that we teachers do at the beginning of the year is begin tracking our parent communication, hence my creation of a board just for that.  I have not used any of these ideas yet but I’m already looking at ways to include more parent communication in my class next year so these ideas will come in handy.

Finally I have a board full of ideas for Classroom Management.  I did use a pin on here to create a “clip chart” that I can take with me from class to class and in the hallway when I need to travel, it was really helpful for me.  I also adapted the pin with the word NOISE on the board and taking away a letter to fit my classroom and school.  I am spending time this summer going through looking through these pins again to see which ones I can utilize.

I hope others find some pins they like here.  I know I have.

Using my door as a bulletin board

So I have a bulletin board in the hallway, waaaaay down the hall from my classroom, and the wall space around my room is used by the art teacher to display the work the kids are doing.  I wanted another place to display work so I use my door.  In the fall the door was a tree with fall leaves that were word clouds made on Tagxedo,

IMG_6059 IMG_6058 IMG_6057

then it was a turkey with feathers stating what we’re thankful for in technology,


in winter the 4th graders made snowflakes on Make a Flake and then gave each other directions to recreate the flake they had made or rather attempted to give directions to recreate the flake they had made, then came the unit fifth grade did on binary.  This time I took pics as I put up the board to share how I did it.

Step one: roll tape into long loops and place on door




Step 2: Begin attaching paper to tape, then add more tape and continue fastening paper down


Step 3: cut around doorknob and fasten down edges


Step 4: Fix any mistake, invariable when I do this the paper ends up at an angle and I have door showing on one side so I cut off the excess from the bottom and add it under the large sheet.





Step 5: decorate, this time I went with a checkerboard look so I didn’t cut out the window.



Currently my door is set up to display fake Facebook and Twitter pages made by my fourth graders to go along with the “Famous Missourian” research project they did in social studies.  I found the Facebook and Twitter templates on Teachers Pay Teachers