My Inspiration Wall

So in my classroom posts I showed this picture of my inspiration wall behind my desk:


Many of these posters are ones that I’ve made of famous quotes or poems.  There’s Haim Ginott’s frightening conclusion, Lilian Katz’s caring about everyone’s children, Only a Teacher, I Am a Teacher, What Teachers Make, What You Focus On, The Starfish Pin, and 100 years from now.  Hmm two of those I haven’t posted about previously, guess I need to do that.  There is also a page of random quotes.

This wall also contains notes and other things I’ve gotten from students.  I love to look over and see these and they love that I put them on the wall.

IMG_7966[1] IMG_7967[1] IMG_7968[1] IMG_7969[1]

Along with these notes, I have one a student wrote on a post-it and stuck it inside my general plans noteboook.  I’ve left it there, it always makes me smile when I see it.


I really think every teacher should have an inspiration wall or board or something somewhere in their room.  It can be refreshing to take just a minute or two to look those things over, especially all those great notes and pics from students.


My Technology Classroom part 2

and counting 😉  I’ve made some changes in my room since last week, well today actually.  I finally finished the front bulletin board, of course to do that I moved stuff I had up elsewhere leaving a new open space LOL but I do have a plan for that space.  Here is the before on the cabinets along the side wall in my room:



IMG_7945 IMG_7944 IMG_7943

So this is where my Control Shortcuts boards was but I decided I needed the space for my WPM tracking.  I teach typing in my 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade Tech classes and I want them to track their improvement throughout the year so I needed a place to do that.  Still working on that so pics later.

Anyway here’s the new board:


It’s honestly a little more crowded than I’d like but I use almost all of these control functions myself and taught many of them last year, actually I had fewer shortcuts on my board last year but I discovered some last year on my own and some with my students so I added those to this new board.  My students favorite besides Ctrl + Z = undo and Ctrl + Y = redo is Ctrl + Enter = page break.  We made class books last year and they really enjoyed that little trick.  One I never knew of until last year were the Ctrl + [ and Ctrl + ] that shrink and enlarge text, no more trying to guess what font size I want I simply highlight the text then enlarge to a size that looks good on the page.

On the back wall of my classroom I have a few things as well:


This is my Computer Vocabulary Word Wall.  Last year I had all of these words, and there are at least 40, on the cabinets but it was just too much.  This year I decided to use my pocket chart to present them in small groups, this way I’m actually using them while I teach.  As we’re working on some basics of internet right now those are the words I have up.


Classroom/ Computer Lab rules, Schoolwide Voice Levels, the starred poster is the team name for those 4 computers each set of 4 has a name this one happens to be Apollo.

On the wall next to my bulletin board is this:


Starting from the left: three school postings, the team name (Discovery), and my RAP poster (restate, answer, prove).

Last time I said I’d put up pics of the room so here they are:

From the door


Right side of room:


and Left side of room:


That’s it for now, stay tuned for an update on the cabinets. 🙂


My technology classroom part 1

I’ve been taking pictures of my technology classroom as I get different sections done.  We’re in our fourth week of school and I’m still not completely done, so this will be at least a two part post, and maybe a bit more.   First here’s what you see when you come to my door.


Each rocket has one of the grade levels that I teach.  The higher rockets are the upper grades as they’ve been doing technology longer and have learned more already.  The stars at the top:


Each star is one thing that we do during the year.  Not every grade will do each thing but I wanted a large selection up there, and this goes well with my Space theme for the year.

I don’t have a picture of the room as a whole strangely enough, guess I’ll have to take one of those tomorrow.  However as you walk in I have a file cabinet and on the side is this “Can I use this image? copyright” flowchart.


Next up I have my Objectives board:

IMG_7960 IMG_7935 IMG_7934

You can see the Computer Pioneers posters I have above the board, that still needs a title though.  Each grade level has a laminated “white board” page that I write their objectives on.  The objectives all come from the ISTE/NETS*S and the CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards.  I write them in kid friendly “I can” statements.

Finally on that side of my room are some cabinets up high with posters from and random tech posters.


Below the cabinets I have a small reading area.  I think every room no matter the subject area should have books available to kids.  When my students finish an assignment on the computer and we’re not ready to move on as a class they can go sit and read a book.


With my space theme I have a Space word wall in this area, as well as cover pictures of technology and space books.  The blue container are fiction books, green is non-fiction, I have two sets of children’s encyclopedias, a tub of Magic School Bus books, another of Berenstain Bear books, and finally a tub of hand made and bound books from Netsmartzkids, Hector’s World, and other tech oriented hand made books.

On to the front wall, that bulletin board is not done yet so I’ll take a picture of it when it is and share it.  However I can show you my SMARTboard area.

IMG_7939 IMG_7947 IMG_7948

Under my SMART board are the K-2 file folders and my tub of centers.  Above are various posters.  I also forgot my room has lots of doors leading into other places.  I turned this one into a bulletin board.


Last thing for today my desk area, or “Mission Control” to go with the theme.  You’ll see lots of posters behind my desk.  Most of these I’ve blogged about previously and I’ll add links later.

IMG_7940 IMG_7949

Well that’s about a third of my room, most of two walls though no computers or the other two walls.  More another day.