A Teacher’s Serenity Prayer

I am a Christian and while I try to show that by my actions, and don’t always succeed, I don’t talk about it at school.  However when I begin to get frustrated with students, when I reach a point I feel I’m going to yell I often silently recite the Serenity prayer to myself so when I found this version specially written for teachers I knew I had to post it here.  It comes from Ashley at The Teacher’s Treasure Chest.




Refinding my Happy

There are days at school that for whatever reason I’m sad or upset or sometimes even just angry.  This doesn’t work when you teach.  You have to learn to leave your feelings at the door or in the hallway or in the car, well you get the picture.  A teacher’s attitude and general demeanor depict the general attitude of their class.  Think back to school when you’re teacher was having a bad day what kind of day did you have?

So how do I deal with it?  A couple of things.  First several years ago the school I was at did a book study on the FISH Philosophy so I’ve been known to stop in the middle of class, close my eyes for a minute, take a deep breath and remind myself that I CAN choose my attitude.  If that’s not working I add in a quick silent Serenity Prayer the line “grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change” is the key for me.  I can change how I act and I can encourage change in others but I can not make them change and I have to accept that.

The most fun way to find my happy again though has to come when I have a group full of younger kiddos.  We take a brain break and I put a Just Dance kids video on the SMART board (they’re all over the internet, I have a whole board of them on my Pinterest) and dance with the kiddos or sometimes just let them dance and giggle.  I’m telling you, it’s just not possible to watch a group of kindergartners dance and sing “Call Me Maybe” and not smile, while “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful” comes in a close second.  This works with first and second graders too, unfortunately the fourth and fifth graders just seem to get goofy, JD not a great brain break for them ah well such is life.

Written for the DP Daily Prompt Singing the Blues


ETA: A group of kindergartners came into my room this morning singing Friday, it was adorable and instantly brought a smile to my face and then I thought of this post and just had to share