Respect is Expected from Teachers, Also! — We Were Meant to be Teachers!

I’ve shared this post from J. Jenkins earlier this year but I believe it’s worth re-posting. Why? Because I’ve heard teachers hollering at their students again! We hear even today of a teacher who has “lost it” and berates a student in front of his/her peers and gets featured on local TV. Is there a […]

via Respect is Expected from Teachers, Also! — We Were Meant to be Teachers!

This is why I’ve made it a habit when I feel myself getting to the “blow-up” point of stepping back, closing my eyes and taking several deep breaths before speaking and when I speak I do so in a purposely quiet voice. It keeps me from yelling and it also is a great clue to my students that my frustration level is high and it’s time to stop whatever it is they’re doing. I’ll often hear the students as my eyes are closed say to one another “guys shhh she’s mad.” Some students don’t know what respect is and what it should look like as they don’t see it at home so they need us to model it for them. This is not to say I never lose my top and yell at students or my own child but I will step back and apologize afterwards for losing my temper and explain what led to that level of frustration. It’s just part of a teacher’s job.